Let me tell you about our business. We are a family owned and operated Mexican restaurant in the Aurora area. We offer just about everything you would find in a Mexican restaurant, such as

Chimichangas, Tacos, Tampiquenas, you name it. We also offer the more authentic options such as Antojitos, Mole Poblano, and Mojarra, among other tasty treats. With us, you have the benefit of eating anything your heart desires, you can even go off menu if it is something we can do. Best of all, it is all truely fresh ingredientes and we always find ourselves preparing the food pretty much on the run.
***Now in vegetarian!***

That's not all we got! Food is great and all but we also have a great variety of over-the-age beverages. Try our Margaritas, which are made with just-squeezed lime juice and taste... ridiculously good. If what you are feeling for is beer, we got a very wide selection, such as Blue Moon, Dos Equis, MGD, Coors, Bud Light all on tap and a dozer or so more on bottle. We also got various cocktails, wines, and if you are feeling "machito" we got your tequilas by the shot. Horchata, juices, and fountain drinks are also

available for the non-drinkers or the younger crowd *cough minors cough*

If you are tired of corporate telling you how to eat, visit us. Come eat fresh, give us a shot and enjoy genuine Mexican delicacies. Bring your family, bring your friends.. bring anyone that is willing to tag along really. We believe it is an experience worth the time and ofcourse we would say that. Although we do not have a waterfall with crazy divers, we can put on "La Macarena" if we get enough brave participants. Our overall goal is to provide you with great Mexican food, amazing beverages, and an overly relaxed atmosphere.